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Bircham International University offers online diplomas of Bachelor's (B.B.A., B.S., B.A.), Master's (M.B.A., M.S., M.A.), Doctorate (Ph.D.) and professional diplomas (Specialist & Expert) through a full distance learning higher education programs. Degree syllabus are completed entirely by correspondence.


Bircham International University will mail some textbooks and will require you to write reports as a way of evaluation. BIU accepts some credit transferred from prior learning and professional experience. The curriculum is designed to meet each student needs.


Bircham International University offers an affordable degree program, with a flexible schedule and minimum interference with your professional life, in over 200 disciplines: management, communications, humanities, arts, psychology. natural health, therapies, computers, sciences and engineering among many others.


You may enroll from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year. For official admission status at Bircham International University, you need to send in a filled out, dated, and signed official Application for Admission. You may download this application form from this website or request it by email or mail.


Payment plans are available upon request up to 24 monthly installments.





Bircham International University Network

Bircham International University is a decentralized global educational network and the sum of three structures:


Administrative Center

The Bircham International University Administrative center allows and preserves the legality and validity of Bircham International University degrees, providing the legal power to issue higher degrees. These offices are also in charge of coordinating recognition procedures and international legalization of degrees. They are supervised by the Chief Executive Officer and the different university registrars who are located in the USA (Delaware), the European Union (Spain) & the Commonwealth (Bahamas).

Academic Board

The Bircham International University Academic Board ensures the quality and availability of different programs of study and develops the pedagogical aspects of the distance learning system. This board is in charge of designing programs and evaluating student work. It provides the academic validity and effectiveness of Bircham International University programs through a sound academic team of teachers, supervisors and doctors from prestigious traditional universities of different countries. This academic team is supervised by the Chief Academic Officer and the Administrative Center.


Bircham International University Offices

The Bircham International University Offices service BIU students worldwide. Students may only enroll in a BIU program through a corresponding Bircham International University Office. The Office will duly inform the candidates, assist the student process, collect the tuition and service any needs from candidates and students. Bircham International University is thus in contact with such candidates and students through its offices. There is a Bircham International University office assigned to each world cultural environment: North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. This network is supervised by the International Coordinators and the different Bircham International University Division Directors.